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on this or will we find ourselves flying over the fiscal cliff? >> obama has several problems. one is he doesn't want to throw the country into a worse economy and he's already created. he will extend the tax cuts for another two years. exactly what he did two years ago. the cuts in spending from the sequestration -- those will take it back. that is good for theeconomy because it is the only spending restraint. gerri: some people don't think . especially with iran right now in parts of the middle east up in flames. we slow down spending on defense, let me say tht? >> first of all, it is a defense of the spending increase. everyone knows there is a great deal that can be saved. we had their pensions that were saved. there is a lot that can and will be saved out of the budget. that is not his agenda. at the end of the day in the last election, he promised that he won't raise your taxes if you make less than $250,000 per year his promise, it is for one year only. he does have his tax increase for the rich people and he is still $7 trillion short. that is his goal. gerri: wow. i don't know where that com
petraeus. >> president obama is taking his fiscal cliff argument to a far higher power than congress. we're going to tell you who. >> indiana investigators want to know what caused a massive explosion, damaging over 30 homes, while leveling some explosion, damaging over 30 homes, while leveling some completely. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> very good morning to you. i'm remember ron cadel la krus. new details continue to emerge in the scandal that led cia director david petraeus to resign. government officials say after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer paula broadwell. multiple sources have revealed the identity of a woman who received harassing e-mails from broadwell and whose complaint to the fbi led to the investigation which uncovered the affair. and there's a growing chorus of questions from lawmakers about exactly when the affair came to light, who in washington was told about it, and when they were told. nbc's kristen walker has the latest on the controversy. >> reporter: according to a senior federal official and close friend of david pe
general director david petraeus. >>> president obama is taking his fiscal argument to a higher power than congress. >>> fbi investigators want to know what caused a massive explosion that killed two and damaged over 30 homes, while leveling some completely. good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. government officials say after admitting that an extramarital affair with his biographer paula broadwell. a woman received harassing e-mails from broadwell. and the complaint led to the investigation that uncovered the affair. there's a growing chorus of questions from lawmakers as to when exactly the affair came to light, who in washington knew about it and when they were told. >> reporter: according to a senior federal official and close friend of david petraeus, 37-year-old jill kelly complained to fbi agents about being harassed by paula broadwell, david petraeus' biographer. a senior military official says jill kelly is involved in wounded warrior fund raising in tampa, is married. she and her husband are close petraeus family friends. officials say petraeus' downfall started when kell
all dpeerd toward averting the so-called fiscal cliff. mr. obama hoping to build con consensus to avoid automatic tak increases and spending -- automatic tax increases and spending cuts. he will meet this week with labor and business leaders. >>> the veterans affairs secretary wants to not only reduce the number of homeless vets but cut it to zero. >> reporter: this is the first housing for homeless vets in san francisco in the past 12 years. today, was more of and informal opening. they're going to wait to have the grand opening later on but today they wanted to be able to commemorate the vets. this downtown building will soon be home to 75 disabled veterans. >> this gives them a safe place to be even if they're in a shelter or in emergency housing, they're very vulnerable to predators, they're vulnerable to you name it. >> reporter: the group partnered with federal, state agents and the city of san francisco to gather the $30 million to renovate the building into veterans commons. >> weaver been at this since 1974, and it's very gratifying to have these resources. >> report
envisioned. with the country set to hit the so-called fiscal cliff at year's end president obama and congress are seemingly committed to repeating their rhetoric and, perhaps, their mistakes a they ostensibly work toward avoiding e calamity of going over that fiscal clef. house speaker this morning made it clear. he thinks this is the president's moment, and he called upon the president to lead, and he called on the president to find middle ground between a bitterly divided republican house and democratically controlled senate now, this is an opportunity for the president to lead. >> this is his moment to engage the congress and work toward a solution that can pass both chambers. and earlier this week the president and i had a short conversation. it was cordial. i think we both understand that trying to find a way to avert the fiscal cliff is important for our country. lou: the speaker also noted that when he came to agreements with the president in the past that he has had no problem, as he put it, getting legislation passed in the house. president obama, and his first public appearance sinc
produccion discografica... el presidente barack obama y lideres republicanos hablaron hoy sobre el abismo fiscal que tendra que enfrentar el pais para fin de aÑo...que tal.. buenas tardes.. ..mario..pero muchos se preguntan, que es el abismo fiscal y como podria afectar a los hispanos?. fernando pizarro nos explica.. en su primera aparicion en la casa blanca tras su re- eleccion, el presidente obama se refirio a que no quiere dramas para evitar el llamado "precipicio fiscal." presidente obamaestoy abierto al compromiso. estoy abierto a nuevas ideas. tengo el compromiso de resolver nuestros desafios fiscales, pero me niego a aceptar propuestas que no sean balanceadas. pero que es el precipicio fiscal? es el plazo a fin de ano para decidir si se mantienen o no las rebajas de impuestos y evitar recortes prespuestarios al gobierno federal. segun 1 economista, republicanos y democratas deberan ponerse de acuerdo para subir los ingresos del gobierno. de lo contrario. isaac cohen, economistapueden subir los impuestos porque las rebajas programadas por el presidente bush y prorrogadas por el pr
how pimco's bill gross has described the fiscal cliff in the united states. >>> president obama plans to meet with labor and progressive political leaders this week about the fiscal cliff. friday the president will meet with house and senate meetings to begin talks to avoid tax hikes and government spending cuts from taking effect in january. the president and republicans are at odds over raising taxes for wealthy americans. dominic is still with us. i suppose the question is what we've sort of global equities have priced in in terms of a scenario for the fiscal cliff. what do you think it is? >> i think markets have been sanguine about the whole issue and it's only after the election that we began to see nervousness. and i still think the likely outcome is the market will have to put further pressure on both sides before a deal is finally done. and i actually don't think we'll good a deal done this side of the new year. >> you yu don't? >> no, i don't. because the republicans have put themselves in a difficult position because they've actually said no way that they will endorse tax h
happened and why they weren't better informed. >>> president obama meets with congressional leaders, a llabor reps as they head off the spending cuts and tax cuts known collectively as the fiscal cliff. >>> and president obama marks veterans day arlington national cemetery, laying a wreath on the tomb and noting it's the first day not in combat. >> and chilly in the nation's midsection. >>> and finally for us this morning, the new movie about an old american hero, steven spielberg's "lincoln" is all the buzz. >> yes, it is, actor daniel day-lewis took the leading role, apparently, he turned into him even when the cameras weren't rolling. more from abc's david wright. >> save yourself. >> reporter: he's a british actor embodying an american icon. >> i like how he does. >> reporter: according to the experts, daniel day-lewis nailed it. >> for this moment now, now, now! >> i've seen a lot of performances, and i've never seen anyone delve as deeply into lincoln's soul. >> reporter: daniel day-lewis immerses himself into it. while filming "my left foot" he remained in a wheelchair during
obama to avoid the fiscal cliff that would affect all of us. speaker boehner continues to insist raising taxes is out of the question. >>> traffic and weather together, next. >> let's take a live look outside, gonna be chilly, meteorologist mike nicco will have your full forecast and we also check in with sue hall.afi >>> 80 homes damaged, to people killed, the cause still unknown. what is next in indiana, after that mysterious blast >>> beautiful picture wanted to show you the gorgeous colors this morning isn't that tremendous as we look southeast. high clouds not as cold as it was over the weekend, still seeing 30s especially in the east bay and north bay valleys and around los gatos. low to mid 40s san francisco]6Ñ÷ in the afternoon 50s coast low to mid 50s the rest of us best thursday. >>> if you have to come to san francisco, great morning to do it, pretty, chilly, light at the bay bridge toll, no issues, into metering lights no problems upper deck light out of novato through central san rafael past freitas parkway to north san pedro road past civic center moving at limit couple
>>> hi, everybody, welcome to "the wall street journal report". what does a second term for obama mean for the economy? i'll talk to advisers and find out if they think we can avoid the fiscal cliff. and how to position your investments, stay safe and find the right sectors in the market. >>> and outspoken banker jamie dimon of jpmorgan chase. too big to fail. "the wall street journal report" begins right now. >> this is america's number-one financial news program. "the wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >> here's what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. if investors thought we would be getting a certainty bounce after the election, they thought wrong. in fact, president obama's second-term victory was greeted with stocks second worst day of the year. triple digits again thursday, and figures were mixed thursday. the possibility of a u.s. downgrade if america goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. but said it would wait until after budget negotiations. a downgrade, of course, would make it more expensive for the united states to borrow money. >>
friends with general david petraeus for years and they are asking for privacy. >>> president barack obama is inviting labor and communities for talks on averting the fiscal cliff. the president will meet and then on thursday will meet with business leaders. they are pulling consensus on the best ways to avoid this fiscal nightmare with some cuts ready to take affect at the end of the year. democratic senator charles schumer and he and others will start talks on the come leans sufficient -- comprehensive works and they believe this time around they will be successful because being anti- immigrant does not work for them politically. >>> and president barack obama does not work to visit and see the damage from super storm sandy. the president will thank first responders who put their lives at risk and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is working on things, 100,000 homes are still without power two weeks now after the storm hit. >>> it is veterans day and a lot of people still have the day off, it is light. >> it takes a little bit to have a few people. >> schools are out, so th
to go skiing off the cliff. >> no, it's not. >> everybody is looking at the fiscal cliff. wall street hoping lawmakers can agree on some sort of budget deal so they can avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama said he will veto any bill for tax cuts for anyone making more than $200,000. tax heights for nearly every american will go into effect on january 1 if no deal is reached. some deductions including the child tax credit will either be slashed or abolished. checking the numbers the dow rose four points on friday, really a measly gain after a terrible week. the nasdaq was up by nine and the s&p 500 was up by just two points. today eu finance ministers will meet to discuss the greek finance problem. parliament pass add new budget in hopes of big much needed international aid while keeping the financially troubled nation on the eu currency system. >>> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is scheduled to give a speech in atlanta, the first public appearance since the presidential election. wall street will be listening to any comments over the stalemate over the fiscal cliff. >>> lock
. >> that report. so what impact will the election results have on talks over the fiscal cliff? >> well certainly after you have tuesday's election president obama comes in with the upper hand he won a nationwide victory and republicans suffered a loss. the pressure now is on republicans to come to the table and say how much ground are we willing to give here? and do we think that back in 2004 when president bush won his reelection he had a smaller electoral college victory and he considered that a mandate. the president here might be able to say that but dows the president compromising on some of the things that he has said he is going to stick with the tax cuts and repealing the bush tax cuts? what do you see the president's role to be? >> the president's role here is sticking by the campaign trail thopets have tax cuts making less than $250,000 and you have john boehner saying somewhat saying we don't want to have any tax increases at all. so the pressure is on republicans to budge somewhat and you're going to see the question over the next
valley. what does a second term for president obama mean to the economy? i will talk to two former top presidential advisers and sea if they think we can avoid the fiscal cliff. how to stay safe and find the right sectors in the mark and jamie dienl of jpmorgan chase. regulation, policy and too big to fail. the "wall street journal report" begins right now. >> here's a look at what is making news as we head to a new week on wall street. if if toward thought they would get a bounce after the election, they thought wrong. president obama's second term victory was greeted with stocks worst day of the year. the dow fell 300 points on wednesday and triple-digits on thursday and and the markets were mixed on friday. bond rating agency moody's reiterated the possibility of a downgrade if america goes over the fiscal cliff but said it would wa wait after budget negotiations. a downgrade will make it more expensive for the united states to borrow money. >>> superstorm sandy would provide an economic boost to the auto industry. 250,000 new and used cars may have been ruined by sandy. a loss that
and business leaders are meeting for talks about the fiscal cliff. they will meet with president obama to talk about what needs to be done to avoid tax hikes and deep spending cuts. >> u.s. airlines is facing a serious pilot shortage as higher experienced requirements for new hires goes into effect next summer. this raises the cost and time to train new pilots. another issue is thousands of senior pilots will hit a mandatory retirement age of 65. >> some say they saw this coming. workers who make twinkies on strike at bakeries after hostess brands cut wages and benefits by more than 25%. the company warns a widespread strike could force it to liquidate. >> breast feeding policy are being announced. they hope hospitals will use the tips when talking to moms about breast feeding. recommendations are alined with baby friendly policies. >>> a study says exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy may lead to hyperactivity within a child. patients should be cautious about devices and it's recommended pregnant women hold phones away from the body. >>> 6:52. two weeks since sandy struck the eas
" had an article calling obama's other fiscal cliff foreign policy. one of the biggest shakeups is on the three of the chair and ranking members being gone. if senator kerry moved positions that would be a clean slate. i am wondering how you think that might affect the president's ability to deal with the top issues, including syria and iran and maybe some of the others that has a nice rubber ducky on your catalog that you are looking at today. >> we appreciate that. it helps to pay our salary. i think bob corker will be interesting as the ranking member on foreign relations. hehe skipped the republican convention this summer to go to the middle east. and he has been doing a lot of traveling. he is super smart about these kinds of things. i think he will try to mold himself a little bit -- not completely, like dick lugar, honestly. he will be against the hawks i think on a number of occasions. we did a story recently about him and we had john mccain talk about how much -- how much he respected and although they did not always see eye to eye. but i think the foreign relations pa
. > > larry levin of trading advantage. always a pleasure larry. > > thank you. president obama will hold a news conference wednesday to speak to the nation about the fiscal cliff, and he's calling congressional leaders to the white house on friday. chuck coppola joins us in the newsroom with more. the so-called fiscal cliff is right smack in the middle of the agenda in washington, and as our cover story shows you, the president and congressional leaders have already staked out their positions. president obama called on house republicans to give certainty to middle class families by extending middle class tax cuts immediately, before they run out at the end of the year. "i've got the pen ready to sign the bill right away. i'm ready to do it." fairness in taxes proved a key issue during the campaign. extending a tax cut for the middle class now would effectively keep republicans from holding it hostage later in negotiations to extend all tax cuts, including those for the rich. "i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit while people l
this extra access. snoof which no one else had had. >> exactly. >> okay. >> president obama told in a meeting this week to avert the fiscal cliff. tax increase and spending cuts will kick in 50 days from now. bill plante joins us with the latest. >> reporter: that's right the president meets with business, labor, he'll talk to congressional leaders on friday and take his case to the country after thanksgiving probably. over the weekend democrats and republicans both suggested that maybe they have the outline of a deal. democrats seem willing to cut some entitlement spending, republicans after losing the white house and losing members of both houses of congress seem to be expressing a more conciliatory tone about revenue increases. but the president made it clear on friday that after campaigning on the issue he believes that he now has a mandate to demand that the rich pay higher taxes or at least a higher share and speaker boehner told the house republicans that after the election the mandate from the american people is to work together even if it means additional revenue. republicans want to
you so much. >>> a busy week ahead for president barack obama as he works to avoid the fiscal cliff. tomorrow he will meet with business leaders. set to hold talks with leaders of congress. and have until january to reach a compromise or $700 million of tax increases or spending cuts will take affect. secretary of homeland security is visiting some of the hardest hit areas. insured residents of the recovery efforts being made. her visit comes from many are still in the dark two weeks after the storm. 120,000 still without power. new york governor has criticized the companies for being unprepared. power companies say they are doing all they can. >> some other top stories this morning. investigators hope surveillance video will help them catch the two men. the crime happened two weeks ago. the night hurricane sandy hit. the robbie might be related to other crimes in the area. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. you can remain anonymous. >>> police are still on the hunt for two men believed to be involved in a taco bell manager. the manager was shot when he confr
congress will get to work avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. that's a series of tax hikes and spending cuts that could cripple the local and national economy in order to reduce the deficit. president barack obama is inviting leaders from the labor and business communities to the white house this week for talks. the president and bipartisan congressional leaders will hold their first fiscal cliff meeting on friday. >>> if you're looking to add fiber to your diet, you probably reach for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, that kind of thing. in japan you can now reach for a pepsi cola. pepsi will launch a version of its namesake cola with a flat blocking fiber. in japan, the drink is being called pepsi special. believe it or not, this is not the first drink in japan that has fiber in it. >> who knew. i wonder if it tastes any good. >> look do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> coach to 5k, the wrapup edition. we're going to talk about it. >> good. >>> dozens of people had to evacuate their neighborhood after a house explosion. >> now it appears some of them will have to rebuild from
this morning, president obama is dealing with two major issues. first, the resignation of the head of the cia, david peteus. and the possibility of a major financial crisis triggered if the country goes off the fiscal cliff. but right now, it seems like the petraeus scandal is overshadowing everything. the four star general resigned friday after admitting an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. and investigators are asking why they didn't know about the investigation sooner. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. the way i found out, i came back to washington thursday night. friday morning, the staff director told me there were a number of calls from press about this. i called david petraeus. >> and are you going to investigate why the fbi didn't notify you before? >> yes, absolutely. this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it. >> and several top republicans are demanding petraeus come back to capitol hill this week to testify before congress over the attack on the
of congress. >> obama: i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> bill: what does he mean by that? >> balanced. he's saying first of all it's not just spending cuts. it has to be revenues as well. second, he's rejecting the john boehner approach which is boehner saying i'll agree to revenues as long as they come as a result of economic growth. in other words, we won't legislate changes in taxes. we'll hope that revenues go up. he's saying no, that won't work for me. you're not going to legislate spending cuts. this is the president talking. not legislate revenue changes as well. >> bill: all right. so there are -- the most immediate decision maybe facing the congress is that as you point out, all of the bush tax cuts expire. which means not only the taxes -- tax cuts for the wealthy expire, the tax cuts for those making under $250,000 a year expire as well. so the president said friday all right, the se
is also getting involved in the fiscal cliff discussions. he's trying to stop cuts, specifically money the u.s. gives to foreign development assistance programs. >>> we know president obama is a big fan of homeland. turns out the show's star was trying to be funny when he signed a dvd for the commander in chief with the phrase, from one muslim to another. >>> and "saturday night live" showed us what the romney house looked like right after he lost on election night. >> come inside, father. >> in a moment, tagg, in a moment. >> father? >> tagg, i thought i told you to give me a moment. >> i'm not tagg, i'm matt. one of your other sons. >> oh, of course, of course, of course. hello, matt. >> mother sent me to come get you, father. paul ryan is doing feats of strength in the drawing room. she'd like you to see. >> i'd like to see him carry wisconsin! >>> and my must-read today is about a disease largely affecting 20-somethings who spend much of their days locked in a fear of missing out. it's the subject of a "daily beast" article on our facebook page. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day,
is red hot. we'll deconstruct whether this hal rally can continue. >>> president obama vowing to veto any fiscal cliff bill extending tax cuts for people making more than $250,000. was that posturing? is that number about to become $1 million? with the fidelity stock screener, you can try strategies from independent experts and see what criteria they use. such as a 5% yield on dividend-paying stocks. then you can customize the strategies and narrow down to exactly those stocks you want to follow. i'm mark allen of fidelity investments. the expert strategies feature is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >>> welcome back. shares of d.r. horton down 5% despite earnings that actually beat this morning. cautious comments from the ceo about the economic outlook weighs on the shares today. is the long run for home builders nearing an end? we've seen a big move in these stocks this year. what do d.r. horton's results mean for toll brothers. on the technical side, carter worth with oppenheimer and on the fundamental
is literally running across the country to help wounded warriors. >>> this week president obama will focus on ways to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. he'll be meeting with labor and business leaders starting tomorrow. then sit down with congress al leaders friday. top democrats and republicans have until the end of the year to agree on deep budget cuts. if they can't reach a deal, a series of tax increases and spending cuts will automatically kick in. the key sticking point for a compromise is a tax cut for wealthier americans. >> jim, both sides say they're willing to bend. the question here is how far. president obama and congressional republicans are squaring off this week over tax cuts for the rich. and if they can't work out their differences by december 31st, we're all in trouble. >> you voted for action. not politics as usual. you elected us to focus on your jobs. not ours. >> reporter: the president and house speaker john boehner each are drawing a line in the sand over letting the bush era tax cuts expire for americans making more than $250,000 a year. >> instead of raising tax
source. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, president obama is focusing on that fiscal cliff. he's inviting labor leaders to the white house tomorrow and wednesday he will meet with the business community. following his re-election he wanted to build a consensus to prevent the tax hikes and spending cuts. the kick in the fiscal congress budget does not do anything to stop him. >> president obama paying tribute at a veteran's day ceremony at arlington national ceremony. the wreath he laid at at the tomb. >> veteran's day was yesterday but being observed today. >> over at the vietnam memorial, a special event marked the 30th anniversary of the dedication and 50th anniversary of the beginning of the vietnam war. 4 million visitors every year. >> and at the world war ii memorial, they are dwindling since the war ended. since it fell on a sunday, federal workers have today off and the post office is closed. >> new this morning, more than 75 firefighters were called to a maryland home after flames brach out after 1:00 a.m. the fire department says two adults and one child were inside b
after she wrote a dissertation about the four-star general. >>> a busy week for president obama as he works to avoid the fiscal cliff. friday, the president is set to hold talks with bipartisan leads are of congress. lawmaker have until january to reach a compromise. >>> new this morning, more than 70 firefighters were called out to battle a house fire in anne arundel county this morning on wild willow way in severn. two adults and a child were in the home. en got out okay. >>> crews in montgomery county were called to a large house fire late last night. this one happened around 11:00 p.m. in dickerson, maryland. the home was destroyed but amazingly, no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> also making headlines this morning, governor andrew cuomo lays out just how much help the new york region will need from the federal government to recover from the superstorm as president obama prepares to visit. >>> and investigators in indianapolis still trying to pinpoint the cause of an explosion that leveled more than 30 homes and killed two people. fox 5 morning n
to turn back on. mark strassman, cbs news, brooklyn. >> how to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff will be the focus of president obama and lawmakers this week. the president has scheduled meetings with labor representatives, business leaders and members of congress to discuss ways to avoid the automatic tax increase and spending cuts that will go into effect at the beginning of 2013. there is no bigger issue on the agenda in washington between now and the end. year than reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. without an agreement on january 1st the bush era tax cuts will expire and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts goes into effect. that will likely result in a spike in unemployment and trigger a new recession. >> everybody recognizes that this will be a terrible thing for american families, for our economy, for just running the government in a sensible way. >> president obama has said any deal must include a tax increase on wealthy americans. an idea that republicans are pushing back against. >> raising those rates on january 1st would according to the independent firm erns
. president obama is holding meetings this week about the fiscal cliff. he will meet with leaders from the labor and business communities tomorrow and wednesday. then on friday he's scheduled to meet with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders. if there's not deal on budget deficits by the end of the year, automatic tax increases and spending cuts go into effect. >>> san jose will become the largest city in the nation to have a minimum wage higher than the state's standard. matt bigler joins us to explain this. >> reporter: good morning. the supporters of the measure d, the minimum wage measure on the ballot last tuesday in san jose are hearing from folks across california and across the country. they're asking how did you do this, how can you help us pass similar minimum wage increases in our cities. we talked to scot myers and he's a sociology professor and he explains what sort of interest they've been hearing. >> we've been contacted by groups groups in los angeles, berkeley. i talked to one scholar and he thought in 2014 there could be over a hundred city wide minimum wage ba
. hostess filed for bankruptcy in january. >>> president obama inviting business and labor leaders to the white house this week or talks on the so-called fiscal cliff. nancy pelosi in san francisco for a veterans day event yesterday is returning to capitol hill to push a deal backed by the president to avoid that fiscal cliff with tax hikes on wealthier households, republicans have already started digging in. >> it will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> we have a deficit we have to deal with. we have to do it with growth, creation of job, cuts, we all know that. also with revenue. >> if a deal with congress is not reached by year's end scheduled budget cuts will be imposed. 400,000 government jobs tied to defense could be slashed. another 400,000 other jobs would be he ed. taxes will go up on everyone -- will be eliminated. tax will go up on everyone. >>> congress is demanding answers on the investigation of david petraeus who quit after admitting he an affair. senator feinstein wants to know why the bureau didn't notify her sooner? biographe
. >>> president obama meets this week with labor groups and business leaders to get input on how to solve the looming fiscal cliff before he speaks to congressional leaders friday. sergio quintana has more on what leaders need to do and what the nation faces. >> reporter: nancy pelosi spent this veterans day mixing and mingling with people at the presidio. >> we have a deficit that we have to deal with. we have to do it with growth creation of jobs cuts we all know that also with revenue. >> reporter: she will be returning to capitol hill with plans to push a deal backed by president obama, that will include tax hikes on wealthier households. republicans have already started digging in. >> raising tax rates will slow our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> reporter: what are the consequences if lawmakers cannot make a deal? >> fiscal live is bad -- physical cliff is bad if it happens. >> reporter: if scheduled cuts are imposed 400,000 government jobs tied to defense spending could be slashed. 400,000 jobs tied to nondefense spending could be eliminated. when it com
place. linda so, abc2 news. >>> 5:47. five things know as you head out. president obama is inviting leaders from the labor and business communities to the white house for talks on the fiscal cliff. he will meet with labor representatives as well as other progressive groups tomorrow. >>> the u.s. conference of catholic bishops will hold the annual meeting in baltimore today. they will discuss a wide range of issues over the next two days that meeting will take place at the baltimore marriott water front. >>> new figure shows international enrollment at u.s. college and universities grew nearly 6% last year even as total enrollment was levelingoff. much of the growth at public college notably in the midwest. >>> the holocaust survivor and noble peace prize winner will speak at a jewish facility at convention center. >>> studies says exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy may lead to hyperactivity. patients should be cautious with the devices and it's recommended that pregnant women hold the phones away from their body when they are using them. >>> when moms give birth, they
face as a nation. >> that's house speaker john boehner vowing to work with president obama on the challenges facing the nation the first the fiscal cliff, a toxic combination of tax increases and automatic spending cuts especially in defense that could take effect january 1st. so, we pointed out in the last segment, republicans held the house with minimal losses despite a big democratic year. can boehner think, look, got as much mandate as the president? >> i think he should absolutely think that, paul. the president made clear, didn't really run on the second term agenda and didn't talk about it much. i'll tell you what the mandate is right now, the mandate is that fiscal cliff, the bipartisan mandate. >> paul: to go off it is the mandate or not to go off. >> i think the stock market went off in the last week, people are saying pretty clearly you've got to do something about this now. i think they have a lot of leverage here, because if something isn't done, the economy is going to decline, maybe go into recession and i think employment can get as high as 10%. >> paul: if
out if he had a direct role. >>> with the fiscal cliff deadline looming, president obama's getting back to work this week trying to gain support for a bipartisan tax deal. in the past, the president has ran into a republican road block with his plan that requires taxes to go up on wealthy americans. now that the election is over, are republicans changing their mind at all? conservative commentator, bill crystal, even he says he doesn't understand why the gop is against the president's plan. >> the leadership of the conservative movement need to flow back, let's have a serious debate. it won't kill the country if we raise taxes a little bit on the millionaires. freeze tacks to everyone below $250,000. half of whom voted democratic and half of whom live in hollywood? >> interesting. brianna keilar joins me now. good morning, brianna. what does the president face this week? >> reporter: he's got a number of meetings and this is really going to be the kickoff as he tries to get his ducks in a row ahead of negotiating a deal here. first off, i will tell you, carol, wednesday the press c
. there are just 50 days until the u.s. faces that fiscal cliff. president obama has invited leaders from the house and the senate to the white house on friday to talk about some solutions. some of last year's dead ends still fresh in everybody's minds. the gang of eight, senate negotiators are going to meet sometime this week as well. republicans say maybe a deal isn't so far off listen. >> i think there is a deal. the yin and yang of this is we know there has to be revenues. and i think look i haven't met a wealthy republican or democrat in tennessee that's not willing to contribute more as long as they know we solved the problem. so the ying of revenue we understand. i thinkth a very good pro-growth way of putting that in place so you're actually getting revenues from people like me and other folks that make above "x" dollars. what you have to have tied to that is true entitlement reform. >> grover norquist is the president of americans for tax reform. he's also the author of debacle, obama's war on jobs and growth and what we can do now to regain our future. nice to see you, grover, as always.
market in many, many months not a great way to usher in the second term of president obama, but people are genuinely afraid of what's going to happen not just with the fiscal cliff even though that's hogging up the headlines, a lot of things behind that and businesses are worried, and obviously, the stock market is worried. let's check on the big board, we were indicating we'd be up this morning and so far we are, the big board is up 5 points at the start. and rim are going to introduce a new blackberry, ten of them. ten devices on january, and-- >> blackberry 10 we've been waiting for. and it feels like ians for this one device to come out from research in motion. hallelujah, saying whatever you want. it's up 6% today, but don't forget the stock is down over 40% this year, when i checked on the analyst ratings, okay, 10% had buys. 55% had holds and 35% had sells. so a majority of folks are hold or sell rim. none of them are really, very few are saying buy it. >> i've got it tell you, it's a last ditch effort, the blackberry 10, nicole, thanks a lot. has the united states changed from
stakes should washington fail to avert fiscal disaster by the end of the year. plus, what is the future of the gop after a stinging defeat for romney and the republicans? and how will president obama govern in a second term? we'll talk to a newly elected document congressman, joaquin castro. plus republican strategist steve schmidt, presidential historian doris kearns goodwin, nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd, and the "washington post's" bob woodward. >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press." with david gregory. >> and good sunday morning. the newly re-elected president's message on friday, get back to work. but the focus of that work and on that work is now overshadowed by friday afternoon's resignation of cia director david petraeus, which sent as you know shock waves through washington. new details emerging now this weekend about the fbi investigation that led to the discovery of what officials believe was an extramarital affair between petraeus and his biographer, paula
. doubling down on hope and barack obama. what does the winner hope will give him and more important us a second term upgrade? will the hard right in the house give thumbs down for the re-elected president, will they risk the fiscal abyss to keep their ties to the tea party? and finally, this is my country. even mitt romney was echoing that cry from the anti-obama crowd, pledging to take our country back. but that is deep in the past. no matter how hard they want it, america's fewer you to -- future just won't look like the early 1950's. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, the washington post bob woodward. "the washington post" kathleen parker, "the new york times" d helen cooper. first up. barack obama's place in american presidential history was upgrated tuesday with his convincing sweeping re-election by an entirely new american elect rat. -- electorate. >> we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. and together, with your h
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